I keep getting calls from "UNAVAILABLE"/
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  First of all, there is so much crap on this Community page as to make it a nightmare to use, I counted 35 different selections to ask a simple question.

  The next nightmare is trying to sign in, there's 4 selections, and why do you have to select to sign in for 2 weeks? What happens after that?

   I tried to ask a question, and the available answers showed up for 2 seconds and then disappeared from the screen, replaced with "no answers to your query".

   MY REMOTE CONTROL HASN'T WORKED RIGHT FROM THE FIRST DAY, so I have tried to order a replacement, and someone from customer service said I would have to pay $5.50 for a new one. Imagine that, Verizon gives you a broken one, and then you have to pay for a new one.

  I tried to order a movie today several times, and when I press the right arrow button the search screen disappears and I'm back to watching live TV. I can't tell if that's a problem with the remote, if the movie is listed but not available, or what.

  If I press a number 2 on the remote, sometime I see a 2, some times 22. Same with the arrows, if I press the arrow once, sometimes it moves once, sometimes twice.

  I have receive 18 calls from Verizon since I ordered FIOS, sometimes they leave a message, some times they don't.

  I went to pay my phone bill last week, and was told I was paid up. I looked yesterday and it says I was 8 days late. That's the first time in 30 years that I received a late notice and the cynic in me says that's because they won't have to pay me the $100 VISA card because they tricked me, and now they can say "You didn't pay your bill on time."

  Can someone explain why if I am paying to NOT receive calls from "UNAVAILABLE" numbers, why I still do? Is this another trick? Just explain to me logically why I AM PAYING TO BLOCK NUMBERS THAT ARE UNAVAILABLE, but I still receive them. Just explain that logically.

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I'm sorry that you are having all these troubles. I have sent you a private message.

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I would like to know why if I have ACR turned on I get calls that read Unavailable/Unavailable?  There is no number so how is the call getting through?  These are calls that should be blocked, no?