I'm being charged for Directory Assistance calls I did not make
To start off, I signed up with Verizon for my internet at home. It came bundled with a landline phone line. There was no way to get internet without it so I got the landline phone. It's extremely important to note that I have NEVER once hooked an actual telephone to the phone jack in my house in the 2+ years I've had this service, we use our cell phones for all of our calling needs. So, I've never once made or received a call from the landline phone because there IS NO PHONE HOOKED UP TO THE JACK. I don't even know what that phone number is. Ok now that that's out of the way, the last two bills I've gotten, there were directory assistance calls added to my bill; 6 calls the first month and 2 calls this last billing period. The first time this happened, I called customer service and was able to get those calls credited. The second time I called, they were more hesitant but I raised a little bit of hell and only then did they agree to credit those calls. But the guy I talked to, Brandon, told me that I may not be so lucky if it happens again. They're treating me like a liar about this and that **bleep** me off even worse. So, I have no CURRENT issue since those have been resolved but I'm just putting this on here right now so that anyone else having the same issue an have some anecdotal evidence if it happens to them. This is considered cramming and if Verizon does this to me again, and refuse to credit me for those calls I did not make, I WILL report them to the BBB and any other agency I can think of that deals with corporations trying to screw over their customers. It's unethical. This is why I never enroll in AutoPay, I wouldn't have caught these false charges otherwise.
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