I need your assistance? Verizon won't port old phone number over to my new FIOS

Need your help on resolving this issue with Verizon.  I switched from COX cable. Had Verizon FIOS triple play installed at my house about 3 days ago.  I signed up online for Verizon FIOS and selected a new telephone number because I was told online that my old number cannot be ported over to new FIOS.

Earlier today, I was contacting my friends for a new phone number and learned from them that it is violation of FCC regulation that the Verizon FIOS could not port my old number. They said that the Verizon should be able to port my old number... In my realization, I contacted Verizon customer service, but the rep said that the Verizon FIOS cannot do it because the installation is completed. 

I wanted to keep my old telephone number that I had years originally with Verizon and then Cox. 

Any ideas on how to get or make Verizon port over my old telephone number to my Verizon FIOS?  Again, I was told by a Verizon rep or online during the sign up process that it can't be done and/or they won't do it.     

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