I used the chat feature to access help on how to listen to voice mail and/deactivate service

all i wanted to do was learn how to listen to my voicemail messages that i didn't even want to have setup in the first place, and i googled it and answered my own question while waiting on the chat person, get through all her **bleep** info and questions, i also decided to just deactivate the darn thing since i really didn't want it in the first place and was never told thats where my calls would be going after one ring, i finally after a month figured it out. but i was told i had to be transferred and after there was someone available they would help me, even after i asked for just a link to do it myself. well i googled, that also, and did it in a matter of about 5 seconds, i tried to tell vlad or whoever thanks but i already did it, but this person apparently had already left the chat and didn't reply so i disconnected. The chat feature is a total waste of time as far as i'm concerned this is not the first time i have deeply regretted wasting more than 30 minutes of my time to a simple easy to answer question by your reps. NO MORE WILL I EVER use the chat feature again.

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