Important updates for Texas FiOS customers
Specialist - Level 2

The ongoing, intermittent power-down and power-up cycles of rolling power blackouts earlier this week affected service to some FiOS customers.  Specifically, less than one percent of our FiOS customers in North Texas are experiencing disruption with their service.
We have identified the problem as being caused by the repeated power surges, which in some cases, will require replacement of equipment at a customer’s home.
We have already mobilized all local repair technicians to address this matter and are augmenting that workforce with repair personnel from outside the area, and we are reassigning technicians from other functions as well.  Despite the ice storm earlier this week and today’s ongoing snowstorm, we have crews working to restore service.
We apologize for the inconvenience that these extraordinary weather-related conditions are causing to some of our customers and wish to reassure all of our customers that we are bringing every resource necessary to resolve the issue as quickly as possible knowing a higher than normal number of people are telecommuting and others want to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday on their FiOS TV.

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