Inability to get repair service

Our phone has been out since August 18th.  We have had a number of scheduled repair appointments which have not been honored, although apparently someone from Verizon came by our house on the 24th of August and decided the problem was with underground lines.  I am trying to figure out how mine is the only phone in the neighborhood so afflicted, according to the phone support person no one else has had trouble with their service, just me. 

This does not pass the smell test; of all those lines bundled in an underground cable mine is the only one not working?  In addition, all of the lines in our neighborhood are above ground, on poles; where are the underground lines to which they refer?  I am told we are awaiting a digging crew in order to fix the problem, but no one can tell me when we are to be put on the schedule for repair.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?

Re: Inability to get repair service
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We sent you a message on our private support board to assist you and we did not receive a response.  Please repost the issue if you are still experiencing a problem so that we may assist you.  Tonya C.