Incredible--and not in a good way

I have been without a home phone since Sunday morning. At firt I was told that the problem was mine because "water might have gotten into the lines"  Later a tech told me,  that there was an area wide outage, which should be fixed by Monday.  A call to the repair line gave me the very rude answer "We have no idea  It could be five minutes or it could be five days"  . It's now Tuesday and my ticket has been closed to show that the area outage will be fixed by 3 PM on Friday.

I understand things go wrong. I have a background in electronics.  But it's beyond me that there is a problem that serious, absent a major storm or other event, that   keep an entire area--I have no idea how large--down for going on 48 hours, with no solution promised for almost 5 DAYS? 

I use my landline to do buisness from my home. I also have been to two local small business which now cannot take credit cards because they use a phone line to connect. This is not how Verizon can keep customers, but frankly my dear, they don't give a **bleep**.

I doubt this will matter one bit, buts as soon as my contract expires, I will be cutting ties with Verizon. It's a shame because I have had fairly good relations with them in the past. It one takes one bad expereince.

A VERY unsatisfied (soon to be former) customer.

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