Information on Hurricane Sandy
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Hi All-

Due to extreme weather conditions, there may be storm related power outages in your area and some or all of your Verizon services may be affected.   Please visit our outage page for the latest information from Verizon.

Stay safe!


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I get it, but I'm trying to report that the wires are ripped off my house. Can't do it online - forced to jump through useless troubleshooting hoops, then it tells me the agent can't help me. When I call for support same agony from the IVR, then finally get a live person who tells me he has to transfer me - the kiss of death. Sure enough, hold for 15 minutes only to be disconnected.

I'm not asking for an instant fix. I get you have a lot to do and it will take some time. All I want to do is to be able to report the situation. Given the situation with Sandy, don't you have an expedited way to report actial damage?


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SteveB51, I also get your frustration.  I had been trying to get my DSL fixed for about 4 months and finally cancelled my service.  I now only have phone service.

Currently I do not have dial tone and tried Verzon's website and then the 1-800-Verizon route.  I was about to give up and then decided I was going to cancel my phone service.  I chose the "change my service" option using that 800 number and was connected to a non-repair agent on the phone.  He seemed to understand my frustration and my issue of not wanting to be at home since this has nothing to do with my house wiring or phone and conferenced me in with a repair person.  The first agent stayed on the phone until the conversation with the repair person was underway.  As a result my repair is now scheduled and it took about 10 to 15 minutes from start to end once going down this path.  I hope this works for you and this actually gets posted on this site.

Based upon my previous experience with Verizon, it is best to call during local business hours (I called at about 3:15 PM EST) unless you wnat to be connected to the Philippines.  I wish you the best in getting out of the endless loop of the Verizon Repair System.

With all the compliants I see on and off the Verizon website from Verizon customers about the difficulties we are all having getting repair service, even in a non-hurricane aftermath time period,  it almost seems that Verizon wants to get out of the land line phone industry.