Inside Battery Backup Box
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Sorry if this is being posted in the wrong forum.  Does anyone know what the power consumption of the internal battery backup box is?  This is where I am coming from.  I previously had xxx cable (internet, phone, & tv).  When I had a power outage I did not lose anything as I have a ups on my lcd tv/cable box, and a ups on my computer/modem.  Most of my power outages last from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.  I was able to watch tv or use the computer until the ups gave out.  Now with FIOS, if the power goes out, I will only have telephone service, I assume that the modem and tv will go blank instantly even though they are still powered.  So, I was thinking of putting a small ups on the battery backup box to keep everything going.  Thoughts anyone?

Mike T.

Re: Inside Battery Backup Box
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 I believe that the BBU uses around 34 watts. You should be able to plug the BBU into a UPS with no problem.