Inside Wire Maintenance = Cramming

I specifically de-selected "Inside Wire Maintenance" when I subscribed to by Fios service, yet somehow it got added back on without my permission. When I tried to contact them through the website to remove it, I was informed that I would need to CALL to remove a service that I never ordered in the first place. This is the very definition of "cramming"... From the FCC:

Cramming is the illegal act of placing unauthorized charges on your wireline, wireless, or bundled services telephone bill. The FCC has estimated that cramming has harmed tens of millions of American households.

Deception is the hallmark of cramming. Crammers often rely on confusing telephone bills to trick consumers into paying for services they did not authorize or receive, or that cost more than the consumer was led to believe.

This is one reason that I hate dealing with the phone companies. I have no need for inside wire maintenance, and the fact that they want to charge me $120 a year for a service I will never use is ridiculous. Consider that phone wiring can easily last fifty years. Replacing the wiring in an average home is about $400-$500 on the high end... 4 years of maintenance expense... meaning that if you are paying for the service continuously, they can make an extra $5500 over the life of the wiring for providing nothing. You'd be better off keeping that money for yourself and paying out of pocket IF you ever need the service... most people will never need it... which is what they count on. And this is the reason they like to sneak it into the bill and hope you don't notice.

I want this service removed, as I did not order it in the first place. Why do I need to take time out of my work day to make a personal call to their office to remove it? Deception used to add an unauthorized charge to my line... Why does the FCC let Verizon continue to get away with it? Consumers need to stand up and demand that these charges be removed and refuse to keep paying them.