Intermittent "No dial Tone" resolution for FIOS Phone Service

I have been having an intermittent problem with no dial tone. A serviceman came out and checked as far as the main fios box and stated that everything was ok up to the box and the problem was in the house wiring. After the problem reoccurred Verizon would check out the house wiring but there would be a substantial service call charge. This morning I resolved the issue as follows:

  1. Opened the customer access door on the fios main box.
  2. Flipped up the Tip and Ring connection where the stripped wires connected the fios box to the house's existing phone panel.
  3. Stripped the insulation off of 1/2 inch of the two wires and...
  4. Re-inserted them and closed the cover. Dial tone was restored.

The design of this connection allowed for an intermittent connection on one of both of the wires leading from the fios box to the house phone wiring.

If you are experiencing this type of intermittent problem, this could be a solution.

PS: Couldn't post this with the tag Intermittent "No Dial Tone" problem.  The word "No" is not permitted as part of an idea tag.

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Re: Intermittent "No dial Tone" resolution for FIOS Phone Service

Tried this...crystal clear dial tone.......for about 30 seconds then back to static/busy signal.  I have searched this site for different remedies. Everything I try seems to work for less than a minute, then it goes back.