International Calling Rates have Gone Up

In Feb 2011, I subscribed to FIOS Digital Voice Unlimited and also World Unlimited plan.  In November of 2012, Verizon suddenly discontinued the World Unlimited Plan and I had to choose the World Plan 500.  The countries that I was calling had only minimal charge of 2-3 cents per minute for calls that exceeded the 500 minute plan limit.  Since January the international calling rates have been increased from 10 to 54 cents per minutes for the countries that I was calling to and I was never informed that newer international calling rates became effective from January 2013.  I have been charged about $200 dollars in my Jan-Feb bill for going over the 500 minute plan for calls outside USA by applying the new international calling rates.  Customer service blamed me for not knowing that the international rates have changed in  January.  So, those of you who have World Plan, please be aware of this before you get a big bill. Currently I see no value in having a Digital Voice Unlimited plan and the World Plan.

Re: International Calling Rates have Gone Up
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I am removing international from my service. Any issuesI've had with VZ have always been related to international calling.

FYI, there is a big discrepancy between the dates of your billing cycle, and the dates when the 500 minutes starts on the plan.

My billing cycle starts on the 7th of the month, so based on that, you would think that you can start making international calls as of that date using your 500 minutes. BUT ON THE BILL, I AM BEING CHARGED FOR THOSE CALLS BECAUSE VERIZON IS INCLUDING THEM IN THE 500 MINUTES FROM THE PRIOR MONTH!

So even if I hadn't gone over 500 minutes before the 7th, you can rest assured that once they include the calls from that day, I've gone over the 500 minutes, and getting billed for the extra calls. The calls from the 7th should be included in the next month's bill, not the prior month's.

I'm planning to write a major complaint about this, because I think it's wrong. If my cycle begins on the 7th, why am I being billed for calls that I made on the 7th in the prior month's bill?