International Dialing (Brazil) spent 2 hours with support - not resolved

I have spent about 2 hours today (mostly on hold) trying to resolve a problem with International dialing. 

Finally, they came back and told me that the Service department could not even see that I had an international plan and transferred me (cold) to billing to confirm my plan. 

Billing, naturally confirmed what I could already see online in my account - I have the unlimited World Plan. And everything should be fine.

Since I do not seem to be able to get any help from support on this, I thought I'd try here:

There is ONE NUMBER in Brazil I can't call. I can call any other number in Brazil. The one number (in Curitiba) is a 44 area code and the 3385 exchange. I dial 01155413385xxxx, like always, and after a VERY long delay, I get the verizon voice back saying that it is unable to connect the call at this time.

I used to be able to call this number just fine. I can call any other number in Brazil that I've tried. 

Other people here in the US (not on Verizon) can call it. We're the only ones having trouble.

Any ideas????

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Master - Level 3

I am sorry to hear about your troubles trying to dial your specific number there. We can take a look to see what might be going on. I have sent you a private message to get more specific account ifnormation from you.