Interntional Plan Minutes and "my cycle ends" date - help me understand
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Hi all,

Can anyone explain the following?

I have recently had my Verizon Double Play (HS Internet+Landline) enabled. At the moment of purchase I also selected an international calling plan - "World 500" or whatever it's called - 500 minutes of calls. So it was enabled on my line and I could talk with people in my home country.

However, we have lately discovered that we have already used these 500 mins (we had to call many people as we had had a long communication break before). So I am naturally wondering on what date these minutes will be reset. The "My Verizon" page for my account said that for my phone the "my cycle ends" date is December 5, and from on-page explanations I understood that after this date the next "month" of my service will come and the number of minutes will be reset to zero, while the used minutes amount will be used when billing me. But so far, no changes. So I cannot understand - is this "my cycle ends" date a joke, or it's some internal date that does not have anything with my billing&talking cycle. But if so, why do they show it online, to confuse customers?

I tried to contact customer service via chat, but was left in the dark. This person looked at my account number and said that the billing date is the 28th of each month (??) and ONLY on the billing date will the minutes used be reset. This rep did not provide any comments as to what the "my cycle ends" date is and why it says "12/05/2011". I have never heard anything about the 28th. The rep said one more strange thing: that as my service was started  on November 14, I will be billed for the half-month used in November and at the same time that I will have pay for December UPFRONT - not after this month passes, but BEFORE the actual service is provided. At least, this is what I understood from her/his explanations. Before I could do anything this person typed "I hope all problems are now resolved" and ended the session.

This is why I have to ask the Community to help me, as I don't expect any help from these reps. What is this "my cycle ends" date? When the used minutes are reset? I need to make international calls but cannot understand when I will be able to do it.

Many thanks to all for attention and patience while reading this :).

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Verizon support is in receipt of this issue. We will send you a PM to gather additional information.


Tonya D.

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