Interrupttion of service
Verizon I'm about sick of you turning off my service!
I am disabled and I missed a friggin para transit ride to my appointment because this company keeps cutting of service!
I sent you a doctor's note and now your asking for another one! Like I'm my only doctors patient. It's also real funny how the phone layout you cannot talk to a rep unless you ready to a some money on a bill.
I can't get my business's straight with Verizon because it used to be a time you could still call then even if your phone was disconnected.
You even make it hard fmto talk to UTAP, now I have to scrounge around for a pay phone to get you all to put my service back on. Comcast is looking better and better!
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Why would they keep turning your service off for no reason?  Before we ditched the home phone we had them 20yrs and not once did they ever turn our service off thank goodness, that must be frustrating.  Hope you get it sorted.  Mary!