Is Verizon doing away with copper landlines?

I am desperately trying to set up a copper landline in my home, it's required for something I am trying to do, not to get too in depth.  No digital phone lines are allowed.  I had the copper line through Verizon through 2013.  I cancelled it at that point, now I need to set it up again.  I do currently have FiOS internet, not phone or TV, and if it helps, I'm in New England.

I have called and chatted with Verizon CS and they've told me they don't do POTS copper service at all anymore.  They own the copper wiring, and won't continue setting up new lines with it.

Is that accurate?  How can no one offer POTS anymore?

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hi, i'm in California, and right now i can click the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page, then click "phone" under "choose a category" and a drop down menu appears. The 2nd choice there is "home phone (copper)", and clicking it  gets me 3 choices....i clicked "new service" and  live chat was actually available rt now.....of course they may tell you same thing as person you spoke with....but you never know.... good luck

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Prior to switching from comcast (cable)/verizon (phone) to FIOS I was told that the copper drop would be disconnected and eventualy removed .So I knew going in there would be no going back and in fact  two weeks ago the copper lines were removed from the entire street .

 At my shop I have been continously been solicited both in writting and by phone to switch to FIOS .Since I do not need cable at the shop I have declined to make the switch .After about the 20 th or so computer generated telemarketing phone call I contacted Verizon and was  told there was no requirement to switch .I have no doubt that some day I will be forced to

make that switch.

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Verizon doesn't do copper lines where they offer FiOS. Maintaining both sets of lines is too expensive.

They do have a fiber phone service that is NOT VoIP, though. Not sure what you're looking to do, but maybe that would work?