Is taking advantage of an elderly woman a Verizon Policy?
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I just got off the phone with my 89 year old grandma, who was calling me from her neighbor's house.  She has a verizon landline, which she has had trouble with for YEARS!  Randomly her service will just go out for days on end, and when she calls (from her neighbor's house) or when family calls, we are always told that it will be back up within a few days. She is 89 years old and in a house all day by herself while family is at work. 

Yesterday her phone service went out again (surprise, surprise), and when she contacted Verizon, a representative told her that she would need to upgrade to Fios in order to get continuous service. What a B.S. way to get an elderly woman to pay for a service she doesn't need! When she called me a while ago to tell me this, I was on my way into work, and I've been trying to contact Verizon since I got here, but I don't have her account number and I have no way of getting in contact with her to get it. When I do finally get through to a person there at Verizon it won't be pretty.  

I guess my question is, is it Verizon policy to sell sell sell at any cost, even when it includes lying to an elderly woman? I mean, come on... we don't live in a third world country. I'm pretty sure Verizon is more than capable of providing her with landline service that is consistant without having her upgrade to bull**bleep** Fios.  If they can't, I expect a refund to her for all of the days she's been without service throughout the years, and we'll take our service over to Comcast, who I know for a fact has landline service that is just fine.

Re: Is taking advantage of an elderly woman a Verizon Policy?
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Verizon (as other corporate con artists) is taking advantage of the majority

of customers, especially landline users. 


According to the posts I have read.  Customers are encountering long wait

time for customer service to responsd, as well as, receiving inaccurate

information from customer service/ technical support.


Customers are encountering a growing number of customer service lashing

out at (former GTE, Bell, AT&T, etc customers) for not upgrading to FIOS. 

The punishment is, limited service/ lack of service to fluctuating and

excessive billing.


Verizon upper understand one thing that will disrupt or jeopardize their

lucrative compensation.   Remember the CEO (I forgot her name) of Lucent

who insisted on merging with Alcatel?