Is there a Limit on the number of handsets that can ring per household land line?

I have a Verizon land line in the home that is accessed via a Panasonic base phone/answering system unit with 5 wireless handsets.  Panasonic advised that a sixth handset could be accommodated by the unit so we added a sixth one earlier this year.  However, the sixth handset, though it does carry a dial tone, does not ring when the other handsets ring.  It doesn't ring at all.  The speakerphone function also does not work on the sixth handset.  Is the handset defective or does Verizon only allow a maximum of 5 'ring sources' per household for a land line number?  Thanks.

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I don't know of any limit (and I'm sure it isn't that low) and to Verizon, this is just one device plugged into their system.  You may need to do something to pair the 6th handset with the base station.  I think with my cordless phone, you just have to put the new phone on the base station and it will be automatically paired.  I would reread your manual or call Panasonic.

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No, Verizon does not limit the handset.  What you describe is something within your Panasonic cordless system.  Have you confirmed that the ringer volume on the handset that is not ringing is not turned all of the way down?

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Do you have the manual for your Panasonic ?

Most manuals can be downloaded from their site.

Make sure that you "see" their claim IN THE MANUAL.