Issue with calls dropping if I don't speak for a period of time?

I have a landline using Fios Digital Voice, and have been having this odd issue lately for the past month or two. For some bizarre reason my calls have started dropping a bunch, it seems to happen sporadically, either it not dropping at all some times, and other times it dropping again and again. Even stranger, I've noticed this issue mostly seems to happen if I don't speak for a period of time on the phone(ie. if the other person is talking for about a minute or two and I haven't said anything yet, the call drops.), usually if the conversation is more back and forth and I am talking too or making noise, the call won't drop.

Does anyone have any idea what could possibly cause this? I've never even heard of such an issue before, does Fios have some kind of weird thing where if you're not speaking or making noise on the line for a short while it drops the call? This started about a month or two ago, so it wasn't always like this. The person I am talking to all the time is using a cell phone on Sprint's service(Galaxy S9), I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it or if there is some incompatibility between Verizon and Sprint's service causing this or what.

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