It rained today - no dial tone again
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Technician did not show up on Monday but got a text that problem was resolved. However, it rained today and there was no dial tone again for us and our immediate neighbors again. Since the next house had service, it appears the issue is the box where the underground cable changes to an overhead run for the next three houses on the road. Guess the problems will continue. No sense calling in problem now since dial tone is back now. Weather has cleared.

Our neighbor has tried to get Verizon to believe there is an issue at this section of the road. I guess unless they will come out immediately while it is raining when the problem occurs, we will never gets this fixed.
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Every time it rains, I lose dial-tone.  Upon inspection of the NID, there is black mold in the Interface Modules(IM), in the RJ11 connection, on and around the contacts.  If I brush & dry the RJ11 plugs & sockets in the NID, the dial tone returns until the dampness of the next rain causes the mold to swell & grow & separate the contacts.

The trouble shooting procedure (like many poorly written trouble shooting procedures throughout the world) fails to consider the 'Heisenberg effect' at the test points, and becomes meaningless.

However, the solution is obvious: Replace the contaminated surfaces (=replace both the IMs, and the RJ11 plug on my house wire (which works only until the mold in the IM grows to contaminate the contacts and my new plug)).  {$20 parts, 10min work}   I have been searching the web for several hours, with no luck finding a source for replacements of the grey plastic snap-in Interface Modules that fit as a gang of 6 in the customer side of the NID box (mounted on my house, next to the ONT).

In 2004, the FiOS technician left the TelCo NID (instead of wiring my house lines directly to the ONT.  This is reasonable, but inconsistent with the Verizon trouble shooting documentation and contract, and allows Verizon to screw me by refusing to provide repair services outside the house, and uncooperative tech & supervisor refusing to help me find a source for replacement parts.