Keeping my home phone after cancelling Verizion FIOS

A month ago, I cancelled my plan with Verizon FIOS including my landline. I then signed up with Ooma and expected to transfer my landline number (that I've have for over a decade) easily. 

I did NOT know that I had to keep my account with Verizon in order to port to another servce provider. Verizon customer service is telling me that the only way I can do with is to sign up with them again and commit to a 2-year agreement.  I've read that phone numbers are "released" or become available to any provider after 90 days of being cancelled but I've also been told that Verizon owns the number and can only be used with Verizon. 

Please help!!!! I want me home number back without paying large monthly fees!

Re: Keeping my home phone after cancelling Verizion FIOS
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Community Leader

You probably can't. 

These forums are peer to peer.  You will have to call them to have any chance, but they recycle numbers fairly fast, and don't like finding your number and reserving it just for you to switch to another service.