(Lack of) Service

Just got of the phone after 45 minutes + with Verizon billing and what a fiasco.  Service in the area of my mother's house was down beginning in the first part of November.  I did not report her phone our right away (my bad) as I thought it would be corrected shortly.  Turns out they were running FIOS in the area and when they "flipped the switch" service was completely cut to many, intermittent for others and had no affect on still others.  Finally on Nov. 25th I reported the phone out and it was finally fixed on Dec. 7th.  At first I could  only get credit for Nov. 25 - 28 when they said it was initially fixed, but it wasn't.  I have the Verizon tech on the phone answering machine on the 7th reporting the repair had been made!  So, after much sometimes agitated discussion, the result;.for the 13 days of confirmed no service was a credit of only $11.38!!    If you can get away from Verizon do so ASAP!  And if you are stuck with them, report any phone outage as soon as you know about it!  I expected better since with today's technology they know better  But Verizon's use of technology is only touted by them when it serve their end, not their customers.  There is more to this story but time and patience do not permit. . Run from Verizon! 

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