Land line down due to adding HSI

I have had landline service since Aug 2013 with no problems. Then I decided to order HSI Ihigh speed internet) as a birthday gift to myself. Service was due to start 5/9, my birthday.

On 5/5 when I got home from work my landline phone had no dial tone and sounded like an open line. It was down for three days while I waited for the first available appointment. My husband, couldn't reach me and I had no way to let him know I was okay. Not cool.

The technician came out and said it was the box on the outside of the house which had been wired incorrectly for the HSI and that someone back at the main office had messed up. Luckily the problem was fixed by the end of the day on 5/7.

Then the modem for my HSI never arrived. But I received an automated call on 5/9 saying I would now be charged for the HSI. And on my verizon home page it showed the equipment had been shipped on 5/1.

On 5/9 I called and spoke to a rep only to find out that in their "system" it said that the equipment was to be picked up! He apologized and placed an order.

I received the equipment on 5/12. I connected it following all the instructions to the letter. Got all the appropriate lights on the modem, everything correctly connected and my laptop showed a wireless connection but...NO INTERNET! AND ONCE AGAIN NO LAND LINE DIAL TONE!

This is beyond frustrating. I have a service call scheduled for tomorrow morning, thank god, but I can't keep taking time off of work for something that should just work.

Anyone else run into this?

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