Landline Down, Verizon obviously does not care

I called (on cell) to report my land line down last Wednesday (9/5).  After dealing with a very frustrating automated 'assistant', and tehn being told by this 'assistanat' that it would put me through to a person, I waited over 12 minutes.  Finally I was told that the earliest they can work on my problem is next Friday, 9/14, because they are booked up due to the storms.  Did a hurricane pass through that I missed?  Perhaps Verizon needs to employ more techs.

So I tried to find the status online this evening with my crippled DSL - it is still working, sort of, but very slow, so my line is obviously not completely 'down'.

What a joke the website is - round and round, and I got nowhere.

So I decided to create a community account.  I got my three digit code, entered with my userID , and got the message that it was invalid!

I tried to log in anyway, and here I am.

I haev been a customer since moving to NJ 10 years ago, but I am looking for an alternative now.

I am absolutely disgusted by the lack of service, and the horrendous joke of a website.

Any suggestions for good Internet and phone service in NJ?


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