Landline Price Gouging--triple bundle is a life sentence.

Landlines are at the end of the run/thing of the past. So I made a mistake to ask how much i can save by dropping the phone. Not being under contract and the phone being in a triple bundle, i figure i would save on part of 30 monthly billing and several dollar in taxes. I figure verizon would Split the difference...why would getting less be more. Well--its 10+ dollars a month more to drop the phone but i can sign up a new contract for a few years and save just about 4 bucks without the phone. I build software for a living and this pricing model made me think what my user would think...."they must think I am....". Well lets say not to smart. So i asked the agent, it sounds like dropping for a year and come back is the only way not to get raked over the coals...crickets....C'mon verizon

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