Landline down for no reason

I live in Suffolk County, Long Island NY, not exactly the backwoods of beyond! For no reason on Wednesday June 13 (oh yeah, it rained!), both my landline and DSL went out all of a sudden. The DSL came back on and off intermittently and has been that way since, but the phone line is totally dead. I did the check to verify and it is indeed an outside problem.

I immediately called Verizon (in itself a huge merry-go-round time sucker) and the first appointment I could get was one whole week later, June 20, with a window of 8am to 6pm! I called again just now and actually (hallelujah!) got a live person and was told that there is a backup of problems on Long Island, but she couldn't tell me why!

So let me get this straight, we're all paying Verizon a fortune for phone and internet and they go down for a whole week? Does anyone know what the heck is going on here? This is 2012 and one would expect better technology from a huge company like Verizon. It's not like Long Island is in the middle of the woods in some remote part of the country - we have a huge population here and we pay a fortune to live here, so what the heck?

Sorry for venting, because I'm normally a very tolerant and level headed person, but I'm so frustrated and I'm sure there must be lots of others out there feeling the same frustration. I can't get any answers from Verizon, so I wonder if anyone else out there knows anything?

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Sorry for the troubles with your line. Are you still having troubles with your service? Reply back if you still need assistance.