Landline is crapping out again
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There's no dial tone.  The telephone's screen says "Check Tel Line".

I followed all the 'advice' on this site, step-by-step, to no avail.

Last time, I called up Verizon on my cell, let them know there is a landline problem, the gentleman was nice enough to check in on it, but my cell phone cut off the call.

Not even 10min. went by and the issue was fixed.

That was no less than 3 months ago.

I have only had this service less than a year.

Here we go again, same problem, only my cell phone is busted, so I cannot call anybody right now.

Verizon has no Live Agent option, which is infuriating, as now I have no other means to contact.


Optimum Online had a Live Agent feature that resolved my problems right away. I never ever had to reach out with a phone call.

I have no idea what to do. I click on the other options feature, just to bring me back to the main menufor support.

These verizon menus are redundant.

I installed the Home Agent software, and it only redirects me to the website. Colossal waste of time. What was the point of that??

I wish I knew what was causing this persisent issue, and if Verizon was able to fix it from their end last time, why is it happening now? Did not have this issue with Optimum, and I was with them for almost 5 years!

Our equipment checks out fine. I checked the phone lines outside the house, and nothing is loose or corroded. Our jacks are fine. Our phones are functioning.

Why am I paying for this $ervice?

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