Landline noise

Several days ago, my landline developed a noise like an engine running. There was dial tone but the noise drowned out everything. This happened for about 4 days (I discovered it after being away over the weekend and found garbled messages on my answering machine that started 3 days earlier). I reported the problem and requested repair. The scheduled repair was for ONE WEEK later!!! Are you kidding?

DSL was also down, no surprise given the noise on the line.

This exact problem occurred a couple years ago. That time, the repair person left a note on my door stating "fixed a small short".

This morning, service mysteriously is back - no repairs made afaik.

So I tried to cancel the repair request online. That was impossible. First you see your ticket and a series of buttons. Clicking the obvious "Cancel Repair Request" tells you that you need to select a ticket:


No problem, this makes sense. But then when you select the ticket, the Cancel Repair Request button becomes inactive:


This is pretty useless. So I called Verizon and although the process of reporting the problem and requesting repair was totally automated (never spoke to a human) there was no such feature for cancelling the repair request. That required being connected to an actual person.

You can't make this stuff up.

I wonder how long my service will last before Verizon puts a tractor motor on my line and I have to go through this ridiculous process again????????

Re: Landline noise
Master - Level 3

These problems come and go, especially with inclement weather. It may be beneficial to keep the appointment to see if we can keep it from coming back. It is purely up to you though. If you still wan't to cancel, please send me a private message so I can get some account information.