Landline service issue since 12/10/13

My phone cuts off calls after about 10 mins.  When I call my number it rings then goes to a dial tone. On and off through the day we lose dial tone.  I did a chat and the tech rebooted the FIOS - that worked for a day.  I submitted a ticket and now every day I get repairs estimates every 3:30am, 9:30am, 3:30pm and 9:30pm. FOUR EMAILS A DAY OF BROKEN PROMISES TO FIX THE PHONE LINE!!!

In the last 30 day this phone line went down completely for 3 days and now the past week service is intermittent. I didn't have outages like this even with Comcast.  i'm beginning to think this is just the way Verizon land line service is.

Can anyone check out what the problem is and stop the emails. One email of when the problem will really be fixed is all I need.

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Hi tb5663,

You had reported an issue with your phone service in an earlier thread and a private support case was created, which was eventually closed due to no response.  Is this post about the same issue?  Would you like us to reopen the private support case?