Last Wednesday, in the process of trying to get internet working at an Ethernet jack in my house, I

We have verizon phone service, and I assumed that ethernet cables were only for internet, so I unplugged them from the "UStec terminator". I eventually found which cable fed the internet jack in another room, but not before I had messed up the telephone cable wiring.

Here is a description and pictures:


From the top of the box there are cables which go to the rest of the house to distribute ethernet.

These are the two sections I unfortunately took plugs out of:

[Top Section](

[Bottom Section](

The top panel is just above the bottom one.

The red ports are ones I did not mess with, and in the yellow ports, mostly gray and one blue cord was plugged in.

On the bottom panel, I may have removed a cable, but I am unsure.

All the ethernet cables but the orange and black one come from green tubes labeled: REC, SITTING, LIBRARY, FAMILY, FEED, and FEED2.

Thank you to anyone willing to help me through this, it was stupid of me not to take pictures before messing around with something I know nothing about.

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