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I had phone repair scheduled for between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. today. Those hours were given by the online repair scheduler (my telephone line was totally dead).

I waited at home all day, and no one came. At 6 p.m. I went online to check the status of the repair ticket. It said they had no record of it.

So I walked in the rain to a pay phone and finally got through to a live human being. She told me that the technician had rung my doorbell at 9 a.m. and no one answered.

This prompts me to offer two suggestions:

1. When you send technicians to people's homes and no one is there, have the tech leave a note saying that he was there. UPS and FedEx routinely do this. Especially when your tech arrives TWO HOURS before the scheduled window, the least you could do is let the customer know you were there.

2. If you must arrive at a time that it outside the scheduled time window, if the customer isn't home, return at a time within the scheduled window. It strikes me as highly inconsiderate to give customers a time slot for repair, only to ignore it and arrive at a time that is convenient for YOU.

Show a little more responsibility and be a little more courteous toward your customers.

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