Legally Blind Customer Needs Verizon Rep's Help!

I am legally blind and live off disablity and I do not have a cellphone. I really need a verizon rep to help me. You guys have a technican coming out here in a few days and there is no way for them to call before they come. I know this is imortant for you guys, however, my phone (your service) is broken. So this is the ONLY way I know to get this information to you. Please respond letting me know that you have let your technician know what's going on and to show up. There is no way for them to get ahold of me other than knocking on my door. Please please please fix this issue. 

Re: Legally Blind Customer Needs Verizon Rep's Help!
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Hi Hitmanus,

This community is meant mainly for peer-to-peer support. If you need to talk to a Verizon representative, you should contact customer service directly.  If you do not have phone service, you can use online chat, which is available through Contact Us.  If you are unable to use chat, please post back to let us know.