Let me introduce my parents and how Verizon has helped them..
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My folks are 88 and 87, and live in a rural setting 1/2 mile away from a public road. You see I'm writing because my dad asked me to please help he has run out of ideas. No phone services for 2 weeks, he explained in a service call to Verizon, my wife has major health issues, and I have a heart condition. The phone is our only way to reach out for help. This happened on a Tuesday, two weeks ago (you can always count that they lose phone service a day or two after a storm, like clockwork). Verizon answer, we will be there by Saturday, best we can do. Saturday goes by, no phone, no one comes. Dad ask s me to help, I call support on a Sunday night. "Why would you promise it would be fixed by Saturday and not show up? Answer: They didn't know it was a group outage, I reply how can it be a group outage when everyone on his road has phones but him and a neighbor who is a mile away? Answer- doesn't have to be everyone on that road, I ask so where the group outage, answer is can't tell me. I tell Verizon why don't you fix the problem once and for all, run new wire, do something, person says wire is out of date, we aren't going to replace old wire with out of date wire, not until they get Fios, (doesn’t anyone see the irony in that) We are talking farm country, Fios doesn't exist for them, It goes on and on, pull up your records Sunday at 9 pm it's the most frustrating service call I ever made, but then again it was the truth Verizon couldn't help, no they wouldn't help. I tell him how frustrating this is, can't he help. Answer, you can report us to Public service Commission if you like.

So the story goes on, next promise on the second week "we will be there for sure this Tuesday before 7 pm, no one comes, No phone works, and my dad and one neighbor I guess are the major group outage. My dad drives around just looking for a Verizon truck, he sees one park at a Wal-Mart near his house. Ask the tech, what do I do, how can I get help? Tech says I only install, I have no repairs orders, the message here Verizon's focus is installation, seems there is no profit in repair.

So here we go on the third week, I couldn't get a hold of them on Saturday, was worried, so I drove an hour up the road to check on them. Luckily they were ok, but there was an hour I wasn't sure.

So Lowell McAdam CEO of Verizon, I see we are pretty close to the same age; would you do this to your parents at this age? You are a profit based company I get it, what I don't get is how Verizon just keeps saying, "Yes we have it on record, you don't have phones, yes we have it on record your need for a phone due to health issues. No we can't get you help any faster. Meanwhile this is eating at my parents, what if they need help, what if something happens it's not like he can run to the next door neighbor’s house and knock on the door. My God! They are in their 80's been married over 65 years, been farmers all their lives, and when they need the security of the phone system, they have nothing. At this point I don't expect you to help, but I do expect you to care.

Feel free to contact me, or better yet contact my parents, they would love to talk to you, heck they would love to talk to anyone on a phone but they can't.

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