Life Alert through fiber optic landline

Can the Life Alert system be used with a customer using the fiber optic landline?  What kind of device does a phone plug into to get service?  Life Alert works with Vonage so I'm assuming it works with this system too.  

Re: Life Alert through fiber optic landline
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There are two types of FiOS voice services. One is FiOS Telephone, the other is FiOS Digital Voice. From a technical standpoint both services provide standard telephony features such as dial tone, tone dialing, and are able to be used with standard telephones and other devices that utilize your typical POTS (plain old telephone service). FDV does require the device to be able to use 10 digit dialing. You mentioned it works on Vonage so that is most likely a good indicator it should be OK on our services. That being said I would certainly check with Life Alert to ensure they don't have record of any issues we are not aware of.

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