Line charge for landline service change?

I changed to an inexpensive landline plan to give Verizon some business. In the future I may get FIOS. I rarely use this phone. I was hit with a'

 Line Change Charge


They did not have to visit or make any physical changes.I was not advised of any charges by the rep.
This charge is not mentioned anywhere(Even in the phonebook) and I'm wondering if it is even correct? 
I am also very disappointed in Verizon customer service. One rep told me that there are absolutely no changes allowed to landlines except switching to FIOS. I understand if there are problems with a line they could change you to FIOS, but that is not the case here. 
When I called back I was able to make the change. Landline service is something that is regulated by laws and Verizon is required to honor that.  I understand that if lines become unrepariable FIOS could be an option, but it shouldn't be forced on people. For starters, FIOS lasts 8hours in a blackout. In that case I just may keep a cellphone.
I would feel very uncomfortable now with all these hidden charges and misinformation to consider fios.  I realize you are in business to make money but you should level with your customers.
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