Live downed power line

I have unsuccessfully been trying to contact Verizon about a LIVE DOWNED POWER LINE.  I am deaf and do not use my cell for verbal communication.  Verizon is NOT very friendly for those with additional needs.  Yes, I could have someone else call for me, but that rather defeats the purpose of providing the same service, which I pay for, for all.  Their virtual chat line is a joke.  I did finally find some e-mail address somewhere and got the most absurd non-related, not helpful, abysmal, do-not-reply  blah-blah which led nowhere. 

So, Verizon – why are you neglecting such an important part of two-way communication?  There must be some regulation somewhere requiring access for the “handicapped” be equally accommodated.   

Because I do not want the young children in the neighborhood to be electrocuted, yes, I will have someone call and report.  You should be ashamed of your poor customer service.

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