Local business office letters...
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Once again, I am presented with a letter from the "local Verizon business office" dated 1/8/14 that conveniently shows up at my address on Saturday 1/11/14 when the office will not be open again till Monday.

This one, claims that I have requested to receive text messages about my account.

I have had texting disabled, deliberately, because a) I don't use it. and b) when I first got my cell phone, I would receive "texts from international sources" in the middle of the night that I was expected to pay $0.20 a pop.

I am fed up with your habit of delivering written correspondence that arrives on a Saturday that states "If you didn't make this request call {edited for privacy} which will not be available till Monday.  In the mean time I don't know if somebody has reactivated the texting on my cell phone or not.

I tried to call 1800 Verizon and, after going through the myriad of **bleep** with the recording and making the final selection, I was promptly disconnected...

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It's actually worse than that.  The number they provide simply doesn't work.  It rings forever, finally answers, only to hang up on you.  Happened to me over and over this morning.