Local service proplems

I think it's sad how in this day and age I can not have simple reliable service for a landline.  I do not use cable or the internet often and have had this phone number and lived at this address since 1984.  And yet, when it rains as it did last night, my phone is likely to stop having a dial tone. Living in Florida does subject itself to seeing lots of rain. And then I have to go to the pole and check before I call it in and its such a hassel.  I just did this 2-3 weeks ago and had a request for repair and I think I get a 4-5 dollar credit for interupted service I have interupted service many times a year, every year for the last six years, I think. my phone, as any one else's, is a lifeline to family and work etc. and Its not a cheap product.  I pay $600 dollars a year for this inconvenience. It's just not fair. Ben Franklin himself would not belive that in 2013  a dependable landline in this county area that I live in, is just not possible. The place that I live, my options are limited, and why would I want to pay 100 dollars a month for high speed internet and cable if the only thing I need is landline phone. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. Any solutions?  CountyKaren

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