Long Distance Issues

I have had a very trying day all day today, and at about 5:07PM CST was called with a Verification of getting my Long Distance Services returned to normal and having Verizon as my Long Distance Carrier again. Well with all the problems that were caused by this Rifleing on my Phone Carrier account, and not even being able to call Long Distance, the whole reason I had the services added, well, now afer a fight with the Online Savings 1-800-345-7556 Long Distance Carrier messing up my calling and making it impossible for me to talk to my friends that live in Nevada, San Antonio and Maryland and several other places, and now that they have said it's fixed, I called my friend in Las Vegas, NV and now all I get is no ringing, no answer and it's like someone picked it up before it rang then hung up on me, so now I am wondering what I am to do?? If I can not get this fixed then I am guessing that I will just have to find a way to Buy Skype Credits and use that or something else I had for years, Magic Jack. I am getting that for my Laptop for my trip I am taking in July. but if my Long Distance does not work at all then these are my only options to get to talk to my friends in Las Vegas, San Antonio and Maryland. I was under the impression with 2 different 3rd Party Verifications, and still I can not call to Las Vegas, or San Antonio, as I just tried to before coming here and posting this. I have to say I am really happy with Verizon, and the services they have offered me, and with this Rifeling in to my Long Distance, and now making it Impossible to even talk with anyone but people in my area locally. No one talkes to me locally on the phone, we talk face to face, as we live in the same building. Or when I need something at this very moment I can call my Bank. But this is not allowing me to even talk to friends I have that do not use Skype. Or when they are offline and something seems wrong. Anyone else have their account rifled?

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