Loud Humming Noise

Humming Noise on Telephone  for well over 6 months - Techs were here on 6/14/2011, 8/25/2011 and 10/5/2011 - each tech found that the problem was in the line somewhere between the tap at my curb and Verizon's main terminal located a few blocks away . I was told that this was a maintenance issue and  that they would report this to maintenance.  Nothing was ever done.

Each time I called to complain that the problem was never resolved the agents acted as if there was no history of an ongoing problem. I was told  that all they can do is make an appointment for a tech to come out to diagnose the problem.   Even though I explain the history of the issue, I am simply told that this is the procedure that they must follow. 

After going around in circles a maintenance team finally did arrive on 10/7/2011.  Their diagnosis was the same as the three previous Technicians - A line issue between my curb tap and the main terminal.  They believed that they located and fixed the problem.  This lasted for less than 2 weeks.

Now I am once again at Square One.  Phone calls , Emails   - The same response  - we will have to send a tech out to your home to diagnose the issue.   Only this time the tech was scheduled yesterday on 10/20/2011 but never showed.  Today I checked the repair ticket online and it still shows that the tech will be here by 8pm yesterday.

I find it interesting that a phone company makes it nearly impossible to reach anyone in authority that will address a problem.  I guess thesy believe if they keep sending you in circles you'll just give up and go away


Re: Loud Humming Noise

I too have had noise issues since having Verizon phone service installed.  The thing that really ticked me off is that the original installer stated in over a year at FiOS, he have never even HEARD of a client with line noise.  Then I go into the FiOS customer service menu and line noise is one of the main options.  So the installer was a liar or an idiot.

I do not like to use such lanuage, but FiOS, I have had with your company.  I am on hold right now with FiOS and the noise is so loud I have to turn the volume way down.  I am calling to cancel service.

VoIP has always had line noise issues.  I was convinced they were fixed, in part because FiOS has a Crystal Clear Sound marketing campaign.  This is a bad joke.  The sound is awful.  I am in the process of going back to Verizon copper lines.  I wish I had never left.