Lousy customer service from Verizon

I spent over an hour last night trying to talk to Verizon Customer support.  It took only one minute for a technical support person to answer the phone, but he stated he could not find my information and I needed to talk to Billing.  After 25 minutes someone (Mrs. Ross) finally answered the phone and 18 minutes later told me she was going to have to transfer me to tech support.  Another 15 minutes and Diedre answered only to tell me she could not fix the problem at this time.  I was promised by Mrs Ross it would be "taken care of tonight".  Diedre hung up on me.

I called back and went directly to Tech Support but was told by this lady (do not recall her name) that she could not fix it and she would have to put in a call to Central.  She told me to use the last four digits of my home phone number and I told her I had already tried that.  I said I would hang up and try again and she promised to call me back.  The last four digits did not work either.  She never called me.

I have been with this phone company since 1965 when I got married at the age of 20, moved to Danville, VA and had phone service put in my apartment.  My wife at that time went to work for C&P as an operator.  My uncle had been with C&P since 1956 and my mother worked information part time for C&P.

Needless to say I am pulling the plug on Verizon as of August 27 when Comcast will be taking over and installing a modem for my phone service.