Hello everyone: 

My family has landline phone. We have had the same phone number for 19 years. When we first came to the U.S. there seemed to be a problem with our phone line: when one picks up the phone handset you hear a radio-like chatter. We did not speak English well at the time, so we never contacted our phone company. Anyhow, the phone companies changed but our phone # remained the same. We changed the phone device and the chatter disappeared. However, strange things would happen in intervals--some times years apart. Mainly, we would receive phone calls from our own phone number. The caller ID shows our phone number. Now I know that a cell phone may have a technical problem and would start to dial either itself or other numbers. Again, ours is a landline phone. 

One strange event: 

Years ago, no one was home. Dad was working, and mom and I were out to the bank. When I returned home there was a voicemail from my uncle who sounded upset. I called him back and he said: "Why did you call me? You spoke only English, introduced yourself as Mindy and wanted to talk to your father?" It was a rather strange accusation. However, my uncle had proof: his caller ID showed that someone called from our number. 

Since then, "Mindy" never called again anyone that I know about, but on occassion we would receive a call from our phone. Some "suspects" on my list include: 

1. A phone line with the same number: wouldn't the phone company notice this? Wouldn't the other party also notice and contact someone?

2. Some is hacking my phone: can landline phones be hacked? I know there are special cards one can buy and do prank calling. Certainly, my family and I are have not been immune to prank calls over the years. But doesn't everyone get those?

3. Government is spying: this one is the weakest option I believe in because the government has such sofisticated technology, why would they be so obvious? 

4. Something is wrong with my phone: maybe I need to buy a new one. However, the strange thing is that the phone # has always produced strange occurances (from "Mindy" to radio-like chatter we've experienced). And, the mysterious phone calls do not happen all the time. I would imagine that if there is a technical issue with the phone, the phonecalls from our phone # would be more frequent? 

Your thoughts? I am leaning toward #2 and #4. What would you do in my situation? I plan to call Verizon Customer Service on Friday. 

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It sounds like it could be spoofing your number.  Google the term to better understand the process.  This has been the method used by unscrupulous scammers, debt collectors and telemarketers.