Marketing text to my celly - how to stop?

Gave my celly number (non-verizon) to company purly to aid in moving my landline here in PA. Received text "29217 Reminder from Verion; occasionally we send text messages with updates on your account. To confirm this is the est number, reply with your 5-digit zip code."

Called the office to look at my records - there is no cell # shown on my landline account. One month later, at 11 PM, got a repeat of that message, which costs me money for incoming texts.

I could go into detail of the **bleep** on chat (pretty consistant, no matter what the topic) but here I would like to know how to solve the problem. What computer contains my celly and who do I contact to stop the incoming texts? Blocking is not an option for all texts would cease

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More than likely a scammer has your number and is spoofing another company to have you verify the number is viable for them to sell. Do not reply to it under any circumstances. And you can block texts of that nature. 

And lastly who still pays for calling and texts messages today?