Menacing/Harassing Calls

We're considering addition of Caller ID to our land line phone service to stop or reduce the number of unsolicited calls we receive, some bordering on menace and harassment.  Our number is listed with "Don't Call", but this does not deter the offenders.

Would addition of Caller ID help to identify these offenders?  And, if so, what would be required to initiate the service at what cost?

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Adding Caller ID would certainly help to show who is calling you.  However I too am on the do-not-call list but do get charity's and other businesses I've done business with, or claim I've done business with.  

Anyway if the caller ID is unknown then we simply don't answer.  Additionally you can enable a feature called Anonymous Caller Rejection.  If the people calling do not display their number the call will not go through.  Some organizations have found ways around this and will get private calls or a weird caller ID.  Again, if we don't know the Caller ID we let it go to voicemail. If its important they will have to leave a message.

As far as cost it would depend on the service you have.  I have Fios Digitial Voice and this is included in the phone service so there is no charge.  

I suggest you either call Verzion or logon to and see what the cost is to add caller ID.  I cannot say I know many people without caller ID today.  You will need a phone capable to receive caller ID though.

I hope this helps.