Missing statements

I suddenly stopped receiving my paper statements by mail. I called Verizon and the customer service representative told me that this was because I have been paying online through my bank. I have been doing this for years. Why would Verizon decide all of a sudden to just stop maiing me my bills without notice. This is plain wrong. Now I am required to call another number during business hours to let them know that I want my paper bill again! What a mess!

Re: Missing statements

You can de-enroll from paperless online....

Go to Bill&Payment, then on the lower right column of stuff find "Paper Free Billing".  

If it says Manage under it, you can go in there and De-Enroll.  

They will do their darndest to sneak you into staying paperless.  

I just made my usual monthly one-time-online payment, and the "New Verizon" now throws a totally deceptive AutoPay enrollment on the end of the payment confimation cycle.  Too late at night and I walked right into it.  A TOTAL TRAP.  

Luckily I managed to find this Paper Free Billing link and the De-Enroll option on it.  That looks like it killed the pending AutoPay along with it.

Verizon is getting totally slimy about auto-pay / paper-less.