Monthly Billing continues two months after service terminated.

I finally terminated my Verizon Land Line in March of this year, after almost 40 years.  I made sure to pay off the final amount, and the Phone was turned off by Verizon on the monthly billing date in March as per agreement.  It was good to finally get rid of that monthly payment that was only good for allowing scam artists & phony charitys to contact / harrass me.  My friends only call my cell. 

Unfortunately, I just discovered that they did not stop billing me on a monthly basis, and I'm now two months behind in paying for... well, I don't know what...    One may well ask how this could happen, but the answer is the reason I quit their service in the first place after having been a loyal customer for so long.  

I made a couple of phone calls to their support line tonight.   There is no way to contact them on-line.   The Chat service is not available, and the calls I have gotten though only indicate that there is nothing they can do till the billing office is available in the morning...    Oh, they will gladly take my payment for nothing, but try to get them to solve or even acknowledge the problem...   I can hardly wait till morning to hear what it is they want me to pay for...   I'm hoping that someone there can understand and perhaps even solve the problem. 

Wish me luck!   Smiley Frustrated

Re: Monthly Billing continues two months after service terminated.

This is a Peer to Peer community, with customers helping customers.

While Verizon may cut in if they spot an issue, and open a support case for you after they optain your information through a private message to you, and you fill out their form, to prove your identity and account information.

It may take longer, and your best bet is to contact Verizon billing directly to resolve this issue.