Move 2nd phone line back to main

How do I "reprovision" the wiring in the ONT when currently I have 2 phone lines (main house and a fax in the office) and want to cancel the second (fax). The office has a fax machine that I want to keep, but change it to be on the same main line as the house.

Verizon says it would take a $95 service call for the tech to come out and reprovision.


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Reprovisioning at the ONT does not need to be done for what you are describing. First to cancel the second phone line, an order needs to be put through to cancel the line. Once done, the phone jack that the fax machine plugs into needs to be rewired. Each of phone should have 4 lines leading up to it. 2 for line one and 2 for line two. If you unscrew and take the plate off the phone jack, you can see the wires behind it. You have to disconnect the current 2 wires hooked up to it (these are for the secondary line) and hook up the other 2 lines (for the primary line). If you are not able to do this yourself, you can have anyone do this. Any hand man, general contractor, or electrician can do this work. It does not have to be Verizon.