Moving, but I can't keep my non-FDV FiOS phone service?
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I've been an extremely happy FiOS customer since 2009, and I'm in the process of purchasing a house that's literally under 2 miles from where I currently live.  I went online & as I expected, FiOS is available. 

 However, when I looked at available services at the new location, it only shows FiOS Digital Voice available.  I do NOT have any interest in getting FiOS Digital Voice (from what I've read online & heard from others who have it, it's not on par with traditional FiOS phone service).  People have reported poor call quality, calls dropping left & right, repeat no dialtone issues, etc.  And these are people who have had ZERO problems with regular FiOS phone service! 

I went online & did a Click-to-Chat session with a "Vendy" (not making that up) who told me flat out that I would BE REQUIRED to get FiOS Digital Voice, since it's a "Digital Voice ready address".  From what I could tell when I looked at the house, there was no ONT so it looks like the previous resident never had FiOS to begin with.   

So even though it's a "Digital Voice ready address", I want the regular FiOS phone service that I've had for the past three years, I don't want that garbage "phone service" Verizon keeps pushing on every one.  I live in an area code where 10 digit dialing is not required, I don't want to have to remember the area code every time I dial out.  When I voiced those objections, the "helpful" rep told me (direct quote) "I am sure you'll love FiOS digital voice". HA!!

Unbelievable.  So Verizon apparently DOESN'T want me to have a Triple Play at my new address.  I love FiOS and don't want this issue to force me to go back to Time Warner.  Even though TW also doesn't use traditional POTS phone service, I've never had a problem with them & sure as heck didn't have to do 10 digit dialing. 

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"Digital Voice ready address" means that the new phone connections made at that location go through the broadsoft switches on our end. This means that the only option for phone service is with the Digital Voice. It has nothing to do with anything physical at the location, so you it doesn't matter whether there is equipment there or not. Keep in mind that you are only hearing from a fraction of the customers who is having trouble with the service. The overwhelming majority of customer will not take the time to post that everything is perfect. New installation do come with trial test period, so if you are unhappy with the product for any reason you can cancel with no early termination fees.