Multiple Digital Voice Lines and Online Calls Listing
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I have the VZ Triple Play with an additional Digital Voice line, and the system is operating correctly.  However when I use MyVerizon pages to see a listing of calls sent and received, I notice that the list presents only data for the primary (i.e., original number, and no information for the additional number.  Both telephone numbers appear in the drop-down box, and it's possible to set options for both lines correctly.  However the Calls Log for the second phone line only shows:

"No 'All' details are available for '(609) xxx-xxxx' "

Is this a "glitch," or a "feature"?

Re: Multiple Digital Voice Lines and Online Calls Listing
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I have exactly the same problem: signed up for a second line, everything for the second number works (voicemail, etc.) except that the second number gets no call logs in DIgital Voice Manager. The Voice Mail listing does show up on the Calls and Messages page on the Digital Voice Manager, for the second line; but no calls are logged (All, Incoming Only, Outgoing Only, Missed Only, even Sent To Voice Mail Only have no listings, even though under the Voice Mail tab I get voice mails).  Everything functions fine for the primary number. Did anyone find anything out about this?