NO Dail tone on the phone
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Good Evening

Having problems since Saturday morining.  ( I  Have a 94 yr Old Lady in the home with me this is really not good @ all).

I was on  the phone Saturday morining talking with my Grand Mother Dr.  And the phone 

 mail that is place on the phone.  you keep deleting  my words

Their is a problem with your system as well

This has really bother me seeing that my cp provider their has been been me problems as well.

I see that it is a problems in getting it fixed since i called on Sat as well and it is still not completed. 

Please check the status of this problem.

Wanda R. Thomas

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shame Verizon is so unresponsive.  They are too big, the right hand has no clue what the left hand is doing.  i hope this is resolved soon.